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Engaging males in reproductive health, including Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

Despite the positive attitudes of men about preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, their engagement in HIV care and treatment remains low[1]. In part, this is due to the long-held cultural view that reproductive health is a women’s issue. In Uganda, men often perceive antenatal clinics as spaces for women and reproductive healthcare as a career for women.

Tuberculosis (TB) is curable and Drug-Resistant TB, treatable: Godfrey shares his story

According to World Health Organization’s Global Drug-resistant TB Initiative, ‘Drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), particularly multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB), represent significant threats to global TB control efforts and a major public health concern in several countries.

Managing HIV stigma: Counselling helps change Alice’s life

Since the early years of the HIV epidemic, stigma has been a major barrier to successful HIV prevention, care and treatment. Early in the epidemic’s history, the late Jonathan Mann, former head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Program on AIDS, identified stigma as the “third epidemic”, following the accelerating spread of HIV infection and the rise in AIDS cases.

Impact of a Biomedical Engineering Technician at Gulu Regional Medical Equipment Workshop

An Anesthetic machine now in use at Gulu RRH after its repair by the biomedical engineering technicianAt Gulu RRH, Rachael Musasizi, a biomedical engineering technician was recruited in August 2013 with assistance from USAID SUSTAIN project. By November 2013, Racheal had demonstrated leadership in repairing broken equipment, servicing and training staff on the proper use and maintenance of available medical equipment.

I am grateful because I see most equipment coming to life. Rachael has gone as far as repairing theatre beds, lights, computers, anesthetic machines and equipment which was dormant,” said Sister Margaret Odokonyero – Senior Principal Nursing Officer, Gulu RRH.


An Anesthetic machine now in use at Gulu RRH after its repair by the biomedical engineering technician




Ensuring Quality in Provision of Laboratory Services

September 25, 2013

Interview with Principal Laboratory Technologist - Arua RRH

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