Financing (Grants)


Teams attending a grants and financing training
Hospital leadership teams attend a grants and financing training.

Since 2010, USAID/SUSTAIN has provided support to health facilities, through both operational and human resource support grants, to facilitate sustainable provision of clinical and laboratory services. 

The human resource support grant is intended to support staff salaries and its related costs in selected hospitals. The operational support grant is to fund routine costs, such as peer support programs, client follow-up and tracing systems, volunteer transport allowances, quality improvement (QI) initiatives and clinic maintenance. By building financial management practices and engaging hospital leadership in management of the grants, the project aims to increase stewardship of HIV service delivery. 

The numbers of facilities reduced annually as a result of the rationalization process by the donor. The operational support grant closed out in December 2014, and the project continued to provide human resource grants to twelve regional referral hospitals (Arua, Gulu, Lira, Soroti, Moroto, Mbale, Jinja, Mubende, Fort Portal, Hoima, Kabale and Masaka), three general hospitals (Kaabong, Kawolo and Abim) and two health center IVs (Kotido and Tokora). The two private, not-for-profit hospitals (Matany and Amudat) are benefiting from the salary support grant only.


  • Grants financial management training to the health facility management teams (hospital directors/medical superintendents, hospital administrators, SPNOs, human resource managers and accountants).
  • Continuous capacity building to the hospital accountants/accounts assistants in documentations and reporting.
  • Strengthened financial reporting systems of health facilities through continuous technical assistance to the health facilities.
  • Timely disbursements of periodic funds advances to the facilities. This is as a result of improved capacity of the health facilities to manage grants.
  • Improved utilization of the grants by the health facilities. This is as a result of continuous grants and technical support to the health facilities.
  • Timely reporting by all facilities. This has gradually improved to the level where all health facilities submit adequately documented accountabilities on time.