Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

HMISAt the start of the USAID/SUSTAIN project in June 2010, all hospitals in the project scope were using non-Ministry of Health (MOH) HIV/AIDS health management information systems (HMIS) developed independently by other partners. This separate and parallel system created challenges in harmonizing patient monitoring and reporting with the national HIV/AIDS service delivery management information system. To address this gap and ensure sustainable systems, USAID/SUSTAIN works closely with the MOH to build the capacity of hospital teams to adopt and effectively utilize the MOH HMIS for HIV/AIDS services.

Strategic Approach

USAID/SUSTAIN has provided support for a well-functioning HMIS by conducting training and continuous site-based mentorships for facility staff involved in data collection and reporting, supplied requisite information technology and equipment to aid electronic data capture and reporting and organized periodic data quality assessment exercises to ascertain the quality of reported data coupled with quarterly performance reviews.


  • Staff from all supported healthcare facilities are trained and mentored in the utilization of HMIS forms and registers for collecting and reporting data on HIV prevention, care and treatment.
  • All 19 supported hospitals are using the District Health Information Software (DHIS 2) system for reporting while the 12 facilities where the project supports comprehensive HIV care and treatment have functional Open MRS Express system to capture HIV related data.
  • Storage of client records significantly improved following provision of client file folders and filing cabinets.

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