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How can we create a culture of continuous improvement in HIV service delivery?

Have you ever thought about what it would take to improve the quality of HIV services at your hospital? Is it possible that teamwork, focusing on the client, using data, and making small changes in clinic processes can improve quality of care?

Imagine being part of team where everyone contributes and meeting the needs of the client is the number one priority. In order to make work more efficient and ensure clients receive care according to standards, the team identifies steps and processes of care, makes small changes, and routinely reviews data to determine whether they have improved or not.

SUSTAIN has been working with hospitals to bring together teams of staff members like you to improve the quality of the care that you can provide.  These teams talk about what problems they see in hospitals and think about what simple changes they can make to improve their work processes.  Teams test the changes to find out which ones work best.  The process is led entirely by hospital staff, with support from Ministry of Health and SUSTAIN as coaches who help teams through the process.

As a nurse counselor, clinician, nutritionist, community linkages coordinator, or a data officer working at one of the SUSTAIN supported hospitals you are implementing and testing changes to ensure that:

  • All clients who test HIV-positive, including pregnant women, are enrolled into care
  • Clients taking ARV medicines continue to seek care
  • All HIV-infected children under the age of two years are immediately initiated on antiretroviral therapy
  • Clients taking medicine for tuberculosis complete their treatment course
  • HIV-positive clients are assessed and counseled to ensure proper nutrition

Of course you may be encountering challenges hindering the achievement of your objectives. From your experience, what skills and support would you require to continuously improve HIV treatment and care? What successes has your hospital achieved through implementing and testing small changes? What challenges have you or your facility encountered and how are you overcoming them?
Seize the opportunity to share your story, to learn and teach others as well spread the great work that you are doing.