Abim General Hospital

Abim General Hospital is a government-managed hospital located in Abim District, 446 kilometers northeast of Kampala, Uganda. 

According to the 2014 census data, Abim hospital serves a population of 107,966 in the district. The hospital also serves 17 lower level healthcare facilities (health center IIs and IIIs). With a bed capacity of 200 beds, Abim Hospital offers inpatient, emergency, and outpatient services, including HIV prevention, care and treatment. USAID/SUSTAIN provides support to laboratory strengthening and laboratory service delivery activities at the hospital. Find out more about specific experiences, ideas, and lessons learned.

The project also contributes to healthcare financing through sub-grants that support routine HIV service delivery operations as well as recruitment of staff to bridge critical clinical services personnel gaps.


2° 44' 6" N, 33° 40' 5.16" E