Kaabong General Hospital

Kaabong GH Profile


Kaabong General Hospital is a government-owned public health care facility located 709 kilometers northeast of Kampala, serving 27 lower health care centers (HCs)—5 HC IIIs, 21 HC IIs and 1 HC IV in Kaabong district.  According to the 2014 census data, Kaabong General Hospital serves a population of 167,879 in Kaabong district. Patients come from Kaabong, Kitgum and Kotido districts, as well as Southern Sudan and Northwestern Kenya.

Services offered include: general medical, surgical, and specialized outreach services such as eye, cleft lip, and palate; obstetrics and gynecology; and orthopedic and general surgery.

USAID/SUSTAIN provides support to Kaabong to deliver quality laboratory services in the region and receives sub-grants that support routine HIV service delivery operations as well as recruitment of staff to bridge critical clinical services personnel gaps.

Kaabong Hospital, with the support of the USAID/SUSTAIN project, utilizes a quality improvement (QI) approach to enhance the quality of HIV prevention, care and treatment services. Find out more about specific experiences, ideas, and lessons learned. 



3° 30' 41.2416" N, 34° 7' 46.4088" E