Kawolo General Hospital

Kawolo GH Profile


Kawolo General Hospital is run by Buikwe District Council under the decentralized system. It is located on the Kampala-Jinja highway and serves the districts of Buikwe, Buvuma and Mukono. Kawolo Hospital is well-known for attending to frequent and often fatal road traffic accidents which put a strain on hospital drugs, supplies and transportation resources. 

According to the 2014 census data, Kawolo General Hospital serves a population of 422,771 in Buikwe district. With a capacity of 106 beds, its scope of activities includes curative and preventive/chronic care, rehabilitation, health promotion, diagnostic services, supportive services and system administration. USAID/SUSTAIN project supports Kawolo to deliver quality and comprehensive HIV/AIDS services. 

Kawolo GH, with the support of USAID/SUSTAIN, is also utilizing the science of quality improvement to enhance the quality of HIV/AIDS care and treatment services. Find out more about specific experiences, ideas, and lessons learned.





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