Lira Regional Referral Hospital

Lira RRH Profile


Lira Regional Referral Hospital (RRH) is one of the high volume hospitals located 340 kilometers north of Kampala. 

According to the 2014 census data, Lira Hospital serves a population of 408,043 in Lira district. With a capacity of 346 beds, Lira Hospital offers both general and specialized services and is a teaching hospital. The hospital serves the Lango sub-region comprised of the districts of Lira, Oyam, Amolatar, Otuke, Kole, Alebtong, Dokolo and Apac.

To ensure delivery of quality HIV care and related services within the sub-region, USAID/SUSTAIN project supports Lira to deliver quality and comprehensive HIV/AIDS services. Lira is also one among six hospitals receiving project support to pilot provision of adolescent friendly health services.

Lira RRH, with the support of USAID/SUSTAIN, is also utilizing the science of quality improvement to enhance the quality of HIV/AIDS care and treatment services. Find out more about specific experiences, ideas, and lessons learned.




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