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Pharmacy-led hospital stores: A model for better resource management

Gladys Tugume, Henry Kizito
Context: What was the issue or process affected? What was the root cause of the challenge?: 

The oversight of hospital stores falls under the management of the Ministry of Finance, but placement of store personnel with limited healthcare knowledge can negatively impact therapeutic value

What Happened: How was the challenge or gap addressed or improved?: 

USAID/SUSTAIN worked with hospital management at Lira and Soroti to identify a pharmacist to oversee store operations

Nugget: What is the lesson for others?: 

Pharmacy units assuming leadership of medical stores improves stock and storage management

Impact: What are the results of applying the nugget?: 

At two hospitals, stock cards are most up-to-date, items are well organized and arranged which has improved stock and storage management indicators

Implementation: What steps are needed to apply the lesson?: 

Pharmacy department and administration should assign a pharmacist to oversee store operations

Action: Who is this for? Where does this nugget to go next?: 

- Ministry of Finance
- Ministry of Health
- Hospital Administration and Pharmacy teams

Gladys Tugume, [email protected], Henry Kizito, [email protected]