Telling Our Story: The USAID Strengthening Uganda's Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) Project

Since June 2010, USAID’s Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) project has worked to strengthen the public health care system by promoting increased government stewardship for the implementation of key HIV prevention, care and treatment services at public regional referral hospitals and selected district hospitals.

During the seven years of project implementation, the project has made considerable impact through partnerships – working with hospital leadership teams, the Ministry of Health, and our partners: The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), Integrated Community Based Initiatives (ICOBI), Health Initiatives Inc., and Health QUAL.

We made significant achievements in strengthening health systems, including: equipping facility leadership and management teams with skills in management; efficient use of financial and human resources; improving access to prevention and care services; and advancing quality improvement initiatives. We have accomplished this by promoting key HIV prevention and treatment strategies: HIV testing and counseling, elimination of mother-to-child transmission, safe male circumcision, quality laboratory and tuberculosis and HIV services, and many more.

Through brilliant photography, this publication brings you the captivating stories of change and ownership, and of the impact of our approaches and interventions documented in the field. It is broken out in four chapters:

  1. Support Uganda’s Ministry of Health to scale up HIV prevention interventions
  2. Ensure Access of HIV care and treatment, laboratory, and tuberculosis services
  3. Quality Improvement Initiatives to enhance the quality of EMTCT, SMC, HIV care and treatment, laboratory, and TB/HIV services
  4. Increase Stewardship by the Ministry of Health to provide sustainable quality HIV prevention, care and treatment, laboratory, and TB/HIV services

The stories and photos in each chapter illustrate how integrated health services – achieved through innovation, training, quality improvement, and mentorship – are leading the way to better health service delivery and health outcomes in Uganda.

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