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USAID/SUSTAIN Orients hospital Data and Records Officers on the use of revised HMIS tools

The USAID Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally project in collaboration with the Uganda Ministry of Health resource center embarked on a week-long Trainer of Trainees (TOT) training for 26 Data and Medical Records Officers from 14 public health care facilities. Each hospital was represented by both a Data Officer and Medical Records Officer at this training. The TOT’s were selected from each of the supported 14 hospitals to train on the new Health Management and Information Systems (HMIS) tools including those for; HIV care and treatment, TB and Drug Resistant-TB, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision, HIV Testing and Counseling, Laboratory, elimination of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV (Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Early Infant Diagnosis and Maternity) and Nutritional support. These trainers of trainees (TOTs) will in turn share the knowledge gained to fellow health workers both at the hospitals they serve and at lower level health facilities.  The training follows a revision of HMIS tools by the Uganda National Resource Centre. Since 2010 USAID/SUSTAIN continues to provide financial, logistical and technical assistance to strengthen data management systems at selected public health care facilities in Uganda, with a purpose to improve HIV prevention, care and treatment service delivery.


Written by Bernadeta M. Nagita, Executive and Communications Assistant, USAID/SUSTAIN project