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Use of appointment book in ANC improves tracking and timely follow-up of HIV positive pregnant women in care

Dr. Cordelia Katureebe, Dr. Maureen Kwikiriza
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Context: What was the issue or process affected? What was the root cause of the challenge?: 

Key barrier to effective PMTCT in Uganda is loss of follow-up in ANC after HIV testing. In 2010; USAID/ SUSTAIN project data showed that 35%of mothers returned for follow-up visits. With option B plus, there is need to address this challenge

What Happened: How was the challenge or gap addressed or improved?: 

Adopted and introduced appointment book in ANC to document and monitor appointments for the HIV positive mother

Nugget: What is the lesson for others?: 

Routine documenting of return date in ANC appointment book on a date the mother visits enables easy tracking of missed appointments and allows timely follow-up

Impact: What are the results of applying the nugget?: 

Between November 2012-June 2013, 80% of mothers kept their appointments

Implementation: What steps are needed to apply the lesson?: 
  • Work with midwives to identify the gap
  • Agree to adopt use of the ART appointment book
  • Procure the appointment books
  • Orient health workers on correct use of the book, and how to generate weekly list for those who missed their visits
  • Draw a mentorship plan to ensure correct use of the appointment book
Action: Who is this for? Where does this nugget to go next?: 

Healthcare workers involved in Option B plus implementation

Dr, Cordelia Katureebe ([email protected]), Maureen Kwikiriza ([email protected])