What We Do

The Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) project is working with the Ugandan Ministry of Health (MOH) to ensure the continued provision and sustainable scale-up of quality HIV/AIDS diagnosis, treatment and care at regional and general hospitals throughout the country. Since 2010, the project has supported a total of 43 health facilities with varying scope and period of support to improve laboratory support services, introduce an integrated package of HIV/AIDS prevention, care treatment and tuberculosis services, and ensure quality care and treatment for Ugandans living with HIV/AIDS.


Key activities of SUSTAIN include:

Health systems strengthening (HSS): Utilizing a systems strengthening approach, USAID/SUSTAIN ensures delivery of quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment services that meet the needs of beneficiaries across the continuum of care.

HIV/AIDS care and treatment services: USAID/SUSTAIN ensures provision of comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and treatment services and associated counseling in public regional referral hospitals and general hospitals through training and mentoring facility core teams. The project working with the Ministry of Health is also supporting facilities to introduce services for key populations (most at-risk persons) across five regions of Uganda.

Quality improvement (QI): In collaboration with the MOH Quality Assurance Department and the USAID-funded Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) project, USAID/SUSTAIN enhances the quality of HIV/AIDS care and treatment service delivery by building the capacity of health staff and utilizing the science of QI to enhance provider performance.